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Born in 1850, Hasan Efendi started selling raw coffee beans and spices in the following years. In 1871, Osman Nuri Efendi, who took over the business from his father Hasan Efendi, made a significant mark by initiating ground coffee trade in Istanbul, one of the firsts in this land.

In 1911, Osman Nuri Efendi, who played a pivotal role in the coffee market by establishing Kurukahveci Han (located opposite the Egyptian Bazaar, an important trade center in Tahtakale) handed over the business to his only child, his son İhsan Bey. İhsan Bey was renowned during those years as an elegant, well-educated, and tasteful gentleman of Istanbul.

Mr. İhsan continued the coffee business he inherited from his father by operating the shop at the entrance of Kurukahveci Han under the name ‘Kurukahveci Osman Efendi Oğlu A. İhsan’. He roasted coffee over a wood fire using a Probat brand coffee roasting machine from the early 1900s, ground coffee in stone mills, and also sold spices and sahlep.

With the proclamation of the republic, Mr. İhsan took the surname Kurukahvecioğlu and handed over the management to his two daughters, Necla and Melike Kurukahvecioğlu. The name of the shop at the entrance of Kurukahveci Han had now become ‘Ihsan Kurukahvecioğlu Halefleri.’ In 1981, Ihsan Selahattin Tapucu, one of Ms. Necla’s children, took over the business and continued the traditional coffee trade.

Today, coffee beans carefully selected from many countries around the world are still roasted in historic machines over wood fires in a laborious and skillful way. As a boutique, local brand that has been around for 150 years; İhsan Kurukahvecioğlu’s successors continue to serve coffee to all their customers from generation to generation, staying true to the essence of the business.

Recently, Asli Tapucu, the youngest member of the family, brings a fresh perspective to the family business in Eminönü with a woman entrepreneur approach, continuing to enhance his work by blending modern processes and tradition. In the family heirloom Kurukahveci Han, the brand continues to welcome its customers with both pleasant and colorful initiatives intertwined with gastronomy, entertainment, music and art.


Tahmis Street, Kurukahveci Han, Number: 36/B Eminönü – Fatih / İstanbul

Phone: 0212 522 04 25


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